Experimentalists Anonymous has been an online resource and information repository for people interested in building their own audio circuits since 2003. We host a variety of community- and individually-run sites, listed below. If you're interested in having a site hosted at EA, please feel free to contact me.

Experimentalists Anonymous Message Board - An online community focused on the design and construction of audio electronics.

DIY Archives - A large collection of device datasheets and schematics for music circuits.

Electron Coaxing Techniques and Notes - Warren's DIY notes, including everything from construction techniques to electronic software tools.

The Archaic Equipment Orchard - Reviving and repurposing aged, decaying and obsolete equipment for work in sound.

Open Open Sound Control Controller - An open source hardware controller that communicates via OSC.

Synth in a Month - The chronicling of a modular synthesizer constructed in a month.