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 ADSR Generators and Envelope Generators
 Amplifiers and VCAs
 Buffers Switchers Mixers and Routers
 Circuit Bending and Modifications
 Compressors Gates and Limiters
 Delay Echo and Samplers
 Distortion Boost and Overdrive
 Filters Wahs and VCFs
 Full Synths Drum Synths and Misc Synth
 Fuzz and Fuzzy Noisemakers
 Guitar Synth and Misc Signal Shapers
 OOP Japanese Electronics Book
 Oscillators LFOs and Signal Generators
 Power Supplies and Other Useful Stuff
 Ring Modulators and Frequency Shifters
 Tone Control and EQs
 Tremolos and Panners
 Vibrato and Pitch Shift