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 10 Watt Power Amp
 10W Amplifier
 20 Watt Power Amp
 Amp with Tunable Filter
 Candy Tin Amplifier
 Dual Linear VCA
 Hi-Fi Preamp
 High Quality Transistor Preamp
 Inverting or Noninverting Amplifier
 LM386 amplifier
 LM390 Bass Boosting Amplifier
 Low distortion headphone amplifier
 Moog 902
 Nobels PRE-1
 Paia 2720-1 VCA
 Polyfusion 2010 VCA
 Polyfusion 2010 VCA
 Simple Differential Amplifer
 Simple Electret Mic Preamp
 Simple NPN amplifier 2
 Simple NPN amplifier
 Single IC Pre-amp
 Stereo Preamp
 Transistor headphone amplifier
 True Balanced Input Differential Amplifer
 Tube buffered amplifier
 Valve Biasing
 Various Pre-Amps