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 4007 Based VCF
 5 stage envelope filter
 60s and 70s Wah Variations
 8-Step Sequenced Wah
 ARP 4012 LPF
 Active dual OA bandpass filter
 Aries Voltage Controlled LPF
 Audio Notch Filter
 Buchla 291 Bandpass VCF
 CA3080 State Variable Filter
 Chebyshev LPF
 Chebyshev bandpass filter
 Classic State-Variable Filter
 Coloursound Chuckawah page 1
 Coloursound Chuckawah page 2
 DOD 440 Envelope Filter
 DOD 545
 Dunlop Crybaby 95
 Dunlop Crybaby
 Dunlop Original Crybaby
 ETI Wah Wah unit
 Electro Harmonix Bassballs
 Electro Harmonix Doctor Q
 Electro Harmonix Queen Triggered Wah
 Electro Harmonix Y Triggered Filter
 Electro Harmonix Zipper
 Electro Harmonix wah -wah
 Fatwah LF Wah
 IR3109 VCF
 Ibanez AFL Auto Filter
 Korg MS50 Filter
 Lovetone Meatball McMeat
 Lowpass filter
 MS-20 Style Filters
 MXR Envelope Filter
 Maestro Boomerang 2
 Maestro Boomerang
 Maestro Boomerang
 Minimoog Ladder VCF
 Minimoog ladder VCF 2
 Moog 904A
 Moog 904B
 Moog 904C
 Moog Minimoog Filter
 Moog VCF
 Morley Pro Series II Wah Volume
 Morley Steve Vai Wah
 Mu-tron III
 Mu-tron Micro V
 National Semiconductor Basic Intro to Filters
 New Way Wah
 OA Based VCF
 Old-Style VCF
 Paia 2720-3b VC BPF
 Paia 2720-3l VC LPF
 Paia Motion Filter
 Polyfusion VCF
 Polyvoks Filter
 Roland 121 2 VCF
 Roland 703BC VCF
 Roland 703EFG VCF
 Roland 715A VCF
 SSM2040 Filter analysis
 Sallen Key 2P Filters
 Simple Two Pole State Variable Filter
 Simple VC LPF
 Simple op amp filters
 Single OA active bandpass filter
 Single OA bandpass filter 2 resistor
 Single OA wah
 Steve Giles Autowah
 Tau 1010 Ladder Filter
 Telray Autowah
 Two Pole SVF
 Voltage Controlled 1st Order SVF
 Vox Wah V847
 Vox and Guyatone 1904 Wah