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 1V per Octave to V per Hertz
 AR-318 Sample And Hold and Noise Generator
 Alpha drum
 Arcade Synthesizer
 BOSS DR-100
 BOSS DR-110
 Cat CRM Synth
 EFM Bass Ace
 EFM Keyboard Interface
 EFM Ring Mod-LFO-Preamp
 EHX space drum
 EMU CV Glider
 Gakken SX-150
 Korg MS10
 Korg MS20
 Korg MS50
 Maestro G2
 Misc Theremin
 Moog 952 Keyboard Controller
 Moog Memorymoog
 Moog Minimoog
 Moog Modular System I II III 12 15 35 55
 Moog Modular
 Moog Prodigy
 Moog Rogue
 Moog Rogue
 Moog Taurus
 Moog Taurus
 Oberheim 2 Voice Keyboard
 Oberheim Matrix 1000
 Oberheim Matrix 6
 Oberheim Mini Sequencer
 Oberheim OB8
 Oberheim SBX
 Oberheim SEM-1A
 Oberheim XPander
 PC Keyboard MIDI Controller
 Poly 2044 Envelope Follower and Gate
 Polyfusion Divider
 Practical Electronics Sequencer
 Remco Sound FX Machine
 Roland 110
 Roland Juno 106
 Roland TB-303
 Roland TR-606
 Roland TR-707
 Roland TR-808
 Roland TR-909
 SCI Prophet 2000
 SCI Prophet 600
 SCI Prophet VS
 SN76477 Single Chip Synth Corrected Diagram
 SN76477 Single Chip Synth
 Sawtooth Frequency Doubler 2
 Sawtooth Frequency Doubler
 Sawtooth Manual Phase Shifter
 Sine to Pulse
 Square to Saw
 Syntom II
 Telray Fastune
 Transistor theremin
 Tube Theremin
 Ultra Simple Theremin