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 10 Band Graphic EQ
 45 to 90 hz hum filter
 Acoustic simulator
 Active 3 Band Tone Control
 Active 3 band tone control 2
 Active Notch Filter
 Anderton Frequency Booster
 Aphex Aural Exciter B
 Body Control
 Chebyshev LPF
 Elektor Harmonic Enhancer 2
 Elektor Harmonic Enhancer
 Elektor Parametric EQ
 Four Band EQ
 Frequency Brighteners
 Gibson RD77 Artist Guitar Electronics
 Graphic EQ
 Harmonic Sweetener
 Ibanez BE-10 Graphic Bass EQ
 Ibanez Graphic EQ
 Ibanez PQL Parametric EQ
 Korg Parametric EQ
 Korg Tone Booster
 Mixers and EQs
 Modified VOX Treble Booster
 Moog Parametric EQ
 Passive highpass filter
 Passive lowpass filter
 Passive mic HP Filter
 Passive mic LP Filter
 Passive mic midrange boost
 Passive mic midrange cut
 Passive tone control
 Simple 3 Band Tone Control
 Simple 3-band Tone Circuit
 Single Op Amp 3 Band Tone Control
 Stereo Frequency Splitting Effect
 Tone Booster
 Tone Control Circuits
 Tube 50hz crossover
 Versatile Multi-Band EQ