ooscc: Here is the first ooscc made, which has 32 analog inputs (adc channels). 24 of them are wired as pots, and 8 are faders (all non-motorized). The potentiometers could be replaced with any (0-3.3V) voltage source. In order to accomodate more or less analog inputs, the hardware and firmware would have to be modified slightly. For more information about the architecture of the ooscc, go to the technical page.

First ooscc

Here is a video of this ooscc, connected via Ethernet to a Macbook Pro, which is running Max/MSP. The patches used in this video are available on the software page. The ooscc is compatible with any application/device that can speak in OSC.

For more information, questions, or comments, don't hesitate to contact me at colin@experimentalistsanonymous.com