The Parallel Universe: Second Edition


The Parallel Universe is an extremely versitile fuzz-overdrive with self oscillating, gated, and synth-like capabilities. The second edition of the Parallel Universes differs in a number of ways from the first one. First, an input boost has been added, which makes the overdrive tone crunchier and makes it sound more consistent with different inputs. Second, the starve switch has been converted to a footswitch, and there is no leak knob. Instead, the frequency knob's range has been extended so that all of the tones possible with the original PU are still present, with fewer controls. The new Parallel Universe also includes expression control of both gain and frequency. Lastly, the tone knob circuitry has been improved. The end result is a truly versitile fuzz box, capable everything from subtle overdrive to gated fuzz to over-the-top oscillating fuzz bombs.

Please note - some of the Parallel Universes have a metal input washer, like this. Think of it as an eye patch, or a convenient way to remember which jack is the input. If you prefer one style over the other, let me know when ordering. To find out why this is, click here.


This video demonstrates a few of the possible tones available from the Parallel Universe. First, a guitar is played through the PU, then an old drum machine. No other effects were used, and audio was recorded direct to my computer. Hopefully this will also give and idea of how to operate this box. Sorry about the bad guitar playing!

To get an idea of what the Parallel Universe sounds like in the context of other instruments, here is a guitar solo played through the PU in oscillation mode with some delay added. The oscillation frequency is being expression controlled.


Footswitches: Starve (gate on/off), (true) bypass, Osc (oscillation on/off)
Knobs: Gain (distortion amount), Freq (oscillation frequency - only works when Osc switch is engaged), Tone, Level
Jacks: Input, Freq knob expression (also only works when Osc switch is engaged), Gain knob expression, 9V DC (center negative, standard BOSS/Ibanez/etc), Output

The Parallel Universe is housed in a sturdy enclosure and contains only the highest quality components. Each box was hand assembled by me and tested upwards of 150 times. Keep in mind that because these were not made by a robot in a factory, there is a certain amount of variability as far as cosmetics go. That being said, I took immense care when creating these units, so there are no noticeable blemishes (if this isn't true for one of the boxes, I will let you know when ordering and we'll work something out). The circuit board in each PU is of incredibly high quality and carefully soldered. In summary, A+ for the circuit and sturdiness, A- for cosmetics.

Though many of the sounds that come out of the PU are unusual, this is not an unpredictable, unreliable pedal. If you find a sound you like, you will always be able to get it back. With four different types of fuzz, an immense number of gain tones are possible, but operation is very straightforward.

Each Parallel Universe is covered by a transferrable lifetime warranty as follows: If something goes wrong, then you can send it back to me and I will fix it. If it's a problem caused by negligence on my part, I will pay return shipping. If it's a problem caused by abuse of some kind, you pay return shipping.


The second edition of Parallel Universes is completely sold out. Another run may be available in the (distant) future.

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