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 Active Noise Control Using DSP
 Adaptive Noise Cancellation
 Auto Volume Control
 Boss CS-3
 Boss CS-3
 Buchla 292 Lowpass Gate or Dynamics Manager
 Butterworth filter
 Carlin Compressor
 Colorsound Supasustain
 DOD 280a
 DOD 525
 DOD 825
 DOD R825
 Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher
 Elektor Compressor
 FET Compressors
 Fast Audio Peak Limiter
 Ibanez CP10
 Korg Noise Gate NGT-1
 Korg Noise Gate
 MXR Dynacomp
 NN Simple Comp
 Nobels CO-2
 Pearl Compressor
 Roger Mayer Noisegate
 SSM2166 Compressor
 Walco Chord and Note Sustainer