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 120 Second recorder 3
 120 Second voice recorder 2
 120 Second voice recorder
 40 Second Message Recorder with Loop Option
 40 Second Recorder
 5k analog delay module
 APR9031 simple voice recorder
 Arion SAD-1 layout
 Arion SAD-1
 DE-80 board
 DOD 585
 DOD 908A
 DOD 908B
 Danelectro PBJ DJ-17
 Deluxe memory man
 Digitech PDS2020
 Digitech PDS2020
 Dynacord Echocord
 Dynacord Echoking
 EH Deluxe Memoryman Dlay
 Echo-matic cassette delay page 1
 Echo-matic cassette delay page 2
 Electro Harmonix 16 second delay Analog part
 Holtek echo
 ISD1000 recorder
 ISD25xx Recording Device
 Ibanez AD100
 Ibanez AD80
 Ibanez AD9
 Ibanez AD99
 Ibanez DL5 Delay
 Ibanez EM5
 Lupine Systems SAD1024 Delay
 M65831 Based Delay
 MXR Analog Delay 1
 MXR Analog Delay 2
 MXR Analog Delay 3
 Morley Echo Chorus Vibrato
 Morley Emerald echo
 PT2399 Voltage Control Circuit
 ROSS Stereo Delay 2
 ROSS Stereo Delay
 Rebote delay
 Scott Bernardi PT2399 Echo Delay
 Simple BL3208 echo
 Space Time Continuum
 TDA1022 delay
 Tycobrahe delay